The Importance of Breeding Purebred Dogs

Learn about the objectives of Platte Valley Kennel Club of Fremont Nebraska and how they promote quality in pure-bred dog breeding.

1/1/20251 min read

At Platte Valley Kennel Club, we strive to educate dog owners and breeders about the importance of producing high-quality pure-bred dogs. Our club encourages sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and trials to showcase the natural qualities of these dogs. We also conduct licensed AKC events to further advance the interests of all dogs. The American Kennel Clubs recognizes over 190 breeds of dogs. World-wide there are over 360 breeds of dogs.

"The dog has a wider range of body morphologies than any other species, living or extinct: There are huge dogs, tiny dogs, thin dogs, and chunky dogs, not to mention hairy dogs and hairless ones. Dogs have a plethora of skull shapes. Their coats vary in length, texture, color and pattern. Specific combinations of these physical traits are what define pure breeds. Different breeds exhibit highly specialized behaviors shaped through their long association with humans to suit a wide range of purposes. And all of this marvelous variety is due to their DNA." (from Canine Health Foundation)

The dog breeds were developed for a specific purpose. Purebred dogs have specific physical characteristics in size, body shape and innate behaviors and skills. There is documented history, heritage and performance records available for purebred dogs. Responsible breeders do health testing on their breeding stock. They strive to assure that the only the best dogs are bred and that undesirable genetic diseases are not passed down through the generations. When you buy a purebred puppy you will know what to expect in the adult dog. The characteristic such as the size, temperament, appearance and physical strengths are predictable.

White Collies, Pure-bred dogs, Purebred dogs, Nebraska
White Collies, Pure-bred dogs, Purebred dogs, Nebraska